This (BGP)Trace Monitoring System developes for Internet Operator, researcher to have the visible BGP Route statistic report with historical BGP update for traceable route change record for performance analysis.

All analysis data downloaded from RIPE NCC and APNIC R&D

Research Analysis Report Latency and Performance Analysis of different Public DNS server’s resolution result

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Actual Number of Internet Prefix: 08/04/2021 11:00:01 890485

Main Project: BGPTrace App
BGPtrace Android Application for network AS path check for Internet routing summary.
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Side Project: World Football News
Android Application for World Major football newspaper.
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On going project:

1. Content delivery with shorten path server measurement
On this one, you can use our proxy server Port:3128-3129

Our server will do 2 things.
1. Content caching with cachable object.
2. Our Server will measure the shortern latency distance Server by, difference network path and several public DNS response result, which map to our own DNS server for forwarding.
P.S. no client information record, all domain request for measurement only.

Our whole system powered by RaspberryPi.